This Week’s Comics: A Cursed High School Swim Team, Alice in Wonderland Does Drugs, and Spider-Punk

Behold, the Spider-Man that THEY don’t want you to see! And by THEY I mean annoying old white guys who can’t bear the thought of any media that isn’t all about them. From the kind of person who brought you “I can’t watch Turning Red because the main character is an Asian girl” comes “I can’t read Spider-Punk because he tells Nazis to fuck off.”


Spider-Punk is a real hoot, and this week’s Issue #1 has brought out the tiresome takes that it’s mean for stories not to center the same demographic that’s been starring in comics for a century. Spider-Punk kicks Nazis’ ass, looks askance and captialism, and has a great diverse band backing him up. I’d include it in the longer roundup but Marvel’s weirdly touchy about comic reviews so oh well.

Fortunately there’s plenty more good stuff on shelves this week — thanks as always to Phoenix helping to sort through the good and the bad.

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