The Stewpot Partners With The Lighthouse To Sell Van Gogh Inspired Art by Homeless Artists

Vincent Van Gogh’s art — and its various renditions — is seemingly omnipresent. It can be found mass-produced at chain stores, in homes, bathrooms, offices and at vendor stands in tourist spots over the world.

Even in North Texas, two competing, immersive Van Gogh exhibitions opened in August, confusing the hell out of ticket buyers. One exhibition is taking place in downtown Dallas and the other in Arlington. Because we can’t get enough of the painter, there’s also the (non-immersive) Van Gogh and the Olive Groves exhibition coming to the Dallas Museum of Art in October.

Countless artists have drawn inspiration from the Dutch impressionist, and that includes about a dozen local artists from The Stewpot’s community outreach art program.

Those artists’ works are on display and for sale at Immersive Van Gogh, an exhibition projecting the works of the famed artist at Lighthouse Artspace in Dallas. The showing comes as the first community partnership between the venue and The Stewpot, which provides resources for the homeless and at-risk community.

The Stewpot’s artists are usually self-taught and normally receive 90% of the value of their art sales, but with the new partnership, artists will receive 100% of the proceeds from their Van Gogh-inspired artwork.

Nathan Armstrong, venue operations manager at Lighthouse, says The Lighthouse had been searching for local artists to showcase in its artist-in-residency program, so it was both convenient and fortuitous they were able to partner with their next-door neighbor The Stewpot. With Stewpot’s already existing art program, the partnership made perfect sense.

This project has been a boon for the artists because their work is selling quickly, says Betty Heckman, director of enrichment programs at The Stewpot. The fast rate bolsters the artists’ confidence.

“That’s just such a win-win. … When you have original art in your home, there’s nothing else like it in the world.” – The Stewpot’s Betty Heckman

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Armstrong says seeing these artists flourish while drawing inspiration from Van Gogh is an exciting experience. But this exhibition isn’t just for the artists — it’s also enriching the community. Although the main objective is to support the artists, the program is also getting these works of art into people’s homes and offices.

“That’s just such a win-win,” Heckman says. “When you have original art in your home, there’s nothing else like it in the world.”

And the community is eating it up. The first sale occurred within three hours of opening on Aug. 7, and four more paintings were sold that day. Since then, the program has sold about 40 paintings as of Sept. 10.

The paintings’ prices range from $60 to $400.

Although the paintings were made in collaboration with the Immersive Van Gogh exhibition, guests aren’t required to purchase a ticket in order to visit the gift shop and browse the paintings for sale.

The exhibition and accompanying paintings for sale are scheduled to run until Nov. 28. However, the partnership between Lighthouse Artspace and The Stewpot is planned to continue permanently.

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