Piers Morgan warns Katie Price it’s ‘heartbreaking’ to watch her ‘self destruct’

Piers Morgan has warned Katie Price to ‘sort herself out’ as she ‘spirals into ‘self destruct’.

The journalist and TV personality, penned some brutally frank words for the former glamour model in a open letter addressed to her from his Uncensored Column for The Sun.

He confessed that after 20 years as her friend he simply ‘can’t bite his tongue any longer’.

He told the mum-of-five: “You’re a straight talker like me, so let me be brutally frank: you’re spiralling completely out of control, and this won’t end well if you don’t wake the f**k up pretty damn sharpish and pull yourself together.”

The often outspoken commentator continued and even quoted Pricey herself who once confessed ”My middle name is Drama’, before listing the long line of catastrophes that she’s encountered.

Piers Morgan has addressed Katie Price in a scathing open letter

Katie Price
The broadcaster didn’t hold back when talking to the former glamour model

He continued to list Katie’s recent alleged dramas – including her bankrupt status, her past drug use, “endless new plastic surgeries” and the recent reports where she has been “been accused of repeatedly cheating on your fiancée”.

“The shocking car crash you endured last September, which nearly cost you your life, should have been the moment to shake you into reality.”

Piers Morgan
Piers shared his unfiltered opinions in his latest column

Piers spelled out the further turmoil of Katie’s life as he expressed his relief she survived before laying into her for her foolish and potentially deadly behaviour after she got behind the wheel when banned and under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

But sympathy was in short supply from Piers as he hoped – like a lot of her fans – that she’d come up against the turning point.

Piers continued his scathing rant condemning her for splashing the cash on a £179,000 custom-made pink Ferrari – which incidentally she can’t legally drive.

Katie Price
Katie has reportedly splashed out on a new car

He added: “To be blunt: I don’t want to wake up to news even worse than your horror smash.

“And nor do your five kids, to whom you’ve been a great mother in between all the mayhem.”

And although Piers did offer some harsh realities for KP he did heap praise on her parenting which he admitted he had a huge admiration for, particularly with son Harvey.

Katie Price, Harvey Price
Katie with oldest son Harvey, who suffers from a range of health conditions

He explained: “I’m also massively admiring of your tender, loving care for your severely disabled son Harvey.”

But he continued: ” But right now, I’m finding it very hard to praise you for anything because everything you do and say these days smacks of someone who has jumped the shark from amusing entertainer to embarrassing train-wreck.”

He signed off the letter sharing a shot of the pair in a former interview set up, saying: “WAKE UP, Katie.

“Don’t do it for me – do it for your children.”

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