Pennsylvania kid has .23 blood alcohol level after consuming sanitizer

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A kindergarten student in Pennsylvania that knocked back half a bottle of hand sanitizer was taken to hospital where staff determined she had an elevated blood alcohol level.

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The girl recovered in hospital but there were still no answers as to her daughter’s condition until the school called with the details.

“This class, each student has their own sanitizer pump bottle at their desk with their name on it for their personal use,” the mother said. “My daughter had consumed half of that bottle. She consumed six ounces of 70% alcohol.”

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The station reported that Pennsylvania has seen an increase in kids ingesting hand sanitizer.

“In the last 18 months, more or less since the start of the pandemic, we’ve seen a 56% increase in hand sanitizer exposure cases compared to the 18 months prior to that,” said Dr. Michael Lynch, head of Pittsburgh Poison Center.

That’s’s about 2,300 cases, most under the age of five, with about 6% of those kids getting treated in hospital.

“Hand sanitizers will typically have 70% or so ethanol, which means they’re about 140 proof,” explained Lynch. “Even a small amount can be enough to get intoxicated.”

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