Meg SLAMMED as ‘narcissistic’ for wanting ‘spotlight’ despite desire for privacy

Sussexes’ appeal ‘eroded’ as Harry and Meghan’s £18m Spotify mega-deal could fail

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been advised their brand could be “further eroded” if the royal couple do not have a “positive experience” with Spotify.

The Daily Express reports that despite this, the couple’s £18 million deal yielded no content for the streaming platform in 2021.

Spotify was anticipating further content from Harry and Meghan last year.

This was because their company Archewell Audio recruited podcast producer, Rebecca Sananes in the summer of 2021, and said it was looking forward to sharing more content later in the year.

But no new projects for the couple have appeared on the platform.

Marketing expert Baruch Labunski said that, if the Sussexes have a “positive experience” with Spotify, it could increase their “overall brand”.

But he claims that, if not, the deal could “further erode it”.

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