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The NFT industry is taking the blockchain space by storm recently. The idea of creating unique artworks and then staking or minting them has led to a massive hype among artists and art lovers alike. Looking at the shift in demand for NFTs in the digital currency market, many brands have entered the space but only a few have managed to create a buzz. Truls Aandal, the gamer turned entrepreneur, has recently disrupted the NFT space with his unique project that was sold out within 3 minutes. The project was listed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Truls Aandal was a prominent name in the online gaming space before he decided to venture into the entrepreneurial world. With a degree in computer science, it was natural for him to leverage his knowledge to start a business. Truls was fascinated by the social media and marketing space. As he started researching this highly competitive space, Truls knew he had to do something different to stand out. In June 2020, amidst the pandemic, he started his digital marketing agency “Your Marketing Partner”.

To quickly separate his business from the competition, Truls offers social media marketing services to non-profits and government organizations free of charge. This is where he stood out by merging with the Entertainment organization VivaceHub in the United States. With representatives of his company working in the U.S and other clients in different industries, Truls’ business was making good profits.

Launching a business during the challenging times of the pandemic and scaling it to earn good revenue was not easy for Truls. He had to go through several trial and error methods to finally figure out what works for him. Making the services of Your Marketing Partner free but profitable worked and his agency performed beyond expectations. The company grew organically without much promotion because of its unique approach.

Utilizing his knowledge and experience in digital marketing and the connections he made with other marketers, Truls ventured into the NFT space by co-founding a unique metaverse project named “Stoner Ape Club”. The project offers a collection of 6,666 apes that exist on the Ethereum blockchain.

Now with an insight into the social media marketing space and his experience in the NFT industry, Truls is all set to launch another innovative project on the digital platform. This time it will be a whole new platform or space that will help other brands or individuals launch their NFT projects with complete authenticity and transparency. Truls is aware of the opportunities that the new iteration of the internet Web3 brings to the digital world. He wants to create a project that can act as a medium to help others leverage these opportunities and build a steady source of income.

Going forward, Truls wants to be a leading name in the Web3 spacer. He wants to delve deeper into the digital realm to launch more successful projects while paving the way for others to do the same.

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