Lesser-known Value Of Regular Dental Check-ups

By now we all know that visiting a dentist every six
months is important. Whether we actually manage to do so is
another story, however. There are many reasons for not
booking bi-annual check-ups, including fear, inconvenience,
or budget constraints. Many of us are also embarrassed when
we haven’t flossed as regularly as we should or stuck
religiously to that oral hygiene routine recommended during
our last appointment.

We also often assume that
extending the time between appointments simply isn’t
‘that bad’ – I mean, all a dentist does is check some
x-rays, conduct a cursory inspection, and then squeeze in a
cleaning. That is, of course, only if everything is ‘in
order’. We know, though, that the longer we postpone
visits, the higher the chances are that something won’t be
right, and we’ll need to spend more time in that dentist
chair to get it fixed. Furthermore, aside from addressing
things like cavities and basic gum health, there are some
other factors that can make regularly visiting the dentist
really valuable.

For one, dentists like Custom Street Dentists don’t just
do a ‘cursory inspection’ of our mouths. They actually
check the surrounding area as well, including our glands and
thyroid. A further part of a routine examination is that
dentists can spot signs of things like mouth cancer or other
diseases that may be evident through changes to the tongue,
gums, or uvula, like syphilis, tonsilitis, or strep throat.
This means that if there are any abnormalities, they can
offer a referral to a specialist. The sooner we get these
possible issues checked out, the lower our chances are of
developing a serious disease or infection.

Who knew
visiting the dentist could be so valuable to our general
health? So, let’s heed this knowledge and book those
bi-annual check-ups more regularly in the

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