Jamie Carragher highlights “nonsense” Trent Alexander-Arnold claim after Gary Lineker dispute

Jamie Carragher highlighted his impassioned comments on Trent Alexander-Arnold after the right-back put Liverpool ahead in the Champions League on Wednesday.

There has been a debate around the defender in recent months with some pundits suggesting Alexander-Arnold should be playing in midfield instead of at the back.

Gary Lineker is among those to bang this particular drum.

He previously tweeted: “Said it many times, but the best passer in English football is Alexander-Arnold. He should be playing, as he did as a kid, in midfield.

“[Philipp] Lahm switched, [Joshua] Kimmich too. The best players should be in a position where they can more frequently use their brilliance.”

Trent Alexander-Arnold opened the scoring for Liverpool against AC Milan

Carragher is among those against this way of thinking, as he believes the England international plays perfectly well in his current position; if things aren’t broken, why try and fix them?

The former Liverpool defender responded to Lineker: “No he shouldn’t, full-backs get more of the ball than anyone and a bit more time on it to pick out their passes.

“The way [Jurgen] Klopp sets up he’s virtually a midfielder in possession anyway. The amount of assists he gets means it would be mad to change his position.”

Carragher spoke out once more about the debate on Monday Night Football, again passionately putting his feelings across.

“There’s always this debate over ‘Should Trent play in midfield?’ and I’ve never got it at all. I think it’s absolute nonsense if I’m being honest,” he told Sky Sports.

“He’s actually creating that many goals from the position that he’s in so why would you change him? It’s just madness to me. When you’re at right-back you get that little bit of time, half a second longer to get your head up.

Jamie Carragher strongly believes Trent Alexander-Arnold should be playing right-back
Jamie Carragher strongly believes Trent Alexander-Arnold should be playing right-back

“Trent is doing so well, why would you change him? Leave him where he is, he’s absolutely fine, he’s not going to create any more goals [elsewhere] it helps to have a bit more time [at right-back].”

On Wednesday, Alexander-Arnold opened the scoring for the Reds against AC Milan from a right-back position after running to the byline, cutting in and firing home.

Carragher couldn’t resist re-posting the video of him speaking about the defender on Monday Night Football, entitled: “Trent in midfield, why?” He uploaded a winking emoji alongside it.

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