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Eurovision: Sam Ryder is UK’s 2022 entry with song ‘Space Man’

The Eurovision 2022 final takes place tonight (Saturday 14 May), and for the first time in years the UK is in with a shot at the top prize.

Sam Ryder, a singer-songwriter who rose to fame on TikTok, is representing the UK with his song “Space Man”, and is currently one of the favourites to win.

“It’s been phenomenal,” he told The Independent of the support he’s received. “The whole team have been working so hard going around Europe, using as much time as we could to do TV, radio, singing on street corners… Everywhere we’ve been, there’s been nothing but kindness and good vibes.” Read more about him here.

He’s facing stiff competition, though, in the form of Sweden’s Cornelia Jakobs, and Ukraine’s act Kalush Orchestra. A total of 25 countries are taking part in the final. The latest odds can be found here.

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Another favourite this year is Norway’s bonkers contestant, Subwoolfer, and their song “Give That Wolf a Banana”. It reminds me a lot of “What Does the Fox Say”, the viral (and equally bonkers) 2013 song from Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis. Anyway, read all about Subwoolfer and the lyrics they’ll be singing during their lively (masked) performance, here:

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What’s the order for each country performing in the Eurovision final?

A reminder that the running order for Eurovision is considered very important. Those performing earlier in the contest obviously have to worry about making a good enough impression that the judges and voting public remember them by the end of the show. Meanwhile, those who perform second to last or last have the opposite concern: that voters will already have made up their minds on who to vote for by the time their turn is up.

Here’s a look at the running order for this evening – it’s good news for the UK!

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They didn’t do so well in the fake scoreboard that gets announced after the final rehearsals, but Italian contestants Mahmood and Blanco are still favourites to win with their song “Brividi”.

As a confirmed Mahmood fan since his amazing performance in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, I obviously wanted to catch up with him to hear about how he came to write this year’s song, and how he’s feeling about returning to represent Italy.

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Could Serbia take the Eurovision crown this year?

A lot of people have been buzzing about Serbia’s entry, Konstrakta, and for good reason. She’s veered very much into the performance art style of Eurovision performance with her song “Corpore Sano” (Latin for “a healthy body”), which has her sitting in front of a wash basin getting towels handed to her by mysterious figures.

Here’s a recap of what those peculiar lyrics actually mean:

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So here in Turin, the atmosphere has been… interesting? During the semi-finals the city felt virtually deserted, because everyone was over in the park watching live performances, and then at the theatre where rehearsals took place. Last night and today, though, there was definitely a buzzier atmosphere, and now the city seems to be leaning into the Eurovision Song Contest. What’s wonderful is everyone – delegates from Ukraine, Italy, Sweden, Germany, France – keeps telling me they think the UK is in with a shot this year with Sam Ryder. I think so too! It feels like we’re finally taking this contest seriously, as so many countries have been doing for years.

You can read more about Sam here:

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Italy’s Eurovision 2021 champions Maneskin are ready for their performance on new single “Super Model” tonight!

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Who are the favourites to win this year?

The UK is currently riding high as one of the bookies’ favourites to win this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Sam Ryder has charmed the international delegates – and their journalists, it seems – thanks to his song “Space Man” and his charming personality. He’s really giving it his all, and people are taking notice.

Anyway, take a look at where Sam is on the latest Eurovision odds, along with the rest of the 20 finalists competing in tonight’s final.

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Every winning Eurovision song ranked worst to best

While he sadly no longer works with The Independent (greener pastures bla bla), the brilliant Ben Kelly, my fellow Eurovision fan, undertook the mammoth task of ranking every single Eurovision winner from worst to best.

Take a look and see if you agree!

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How to watch the Eurovision final tonight

Here’s a reminder if you’re wondering how to tune into the Eurovision Song Contest tonight:

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Eurovision 2022 final running order

If you know much about Eurovision, you’ll probably know that the running order of the final performances is considered vitally important for each country’s success. Fortunately for the UK, our contestant Sam Ryder is taking part in the second half of the contest, which means (hopefully) his rendition of “Space Man” will be fresh in the minds of both the judges and the voting public.

Here’s the full running order for tonight’s performances:

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