Final venue row scuppers Irish bid to co-host 2031 Rugby World Cup

Ireland look set to lose out on the chance of partially hosting the 2031 World Cup after the newly installed English rugby boss confirmed his country’s intention to pursue a solo run after a row over which country would host the final.

nformal talks between the four home Unions of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland took place earlier this year about a potential 2031 hosting as all continued to count the financial cost of the Covid pandemic.

However, England look set to go it alone ahead of next January’s submission deadline with the vote by World Rugby due to take place in May on the 2027 and 2031 hostings.

Ireland launched a solo bid for the 2023 World Cup but lost out to France. Australia are favourites to land the 2027 edition while the USA are set to bid for both 2027 and 2031.

“We would like to bid for that – the 2031 World Cup,” the RFU’s new chair, Tom Ilube, said during a round of media interviews today.

“That would be really exciting to have it here and you could imagine what it would be like and I think that really gives us a focus as well.”

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