“Clean energies without dirty deals”

Berlin (dpa) – According to Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, the German government intends to pursue a “values-led foreign and energy policy”. “We must not buy clean energies in dirty deals,” the Green politician said at a Federal Foreign Office conference in Berlin on Tuesday. “Renewable energies and social justice must go hand in hand.” Baerbock said at the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue that this had to be kept in mind in all the difficult trade-offs that are now necessary.

Looking back, Baerbock said that the expansion of renewable energies was not sufficiently concerned with social issues in the early days, but that strong trade unions were needed when building wind turbines, for example. Energy policy is security policy, Baerbock said, referring to the Russian war against Ukraine and the resulting tense relations with Russia, an important energy supplier. She said it was important that Germany and Europe did not push ahead with their efforts to achieve energy independence at the expense of other countries.

She recalled how richer countries had promised to provide poorer countries with 100 billion euros per year to cope with global warming. “It is now up to us, together,” the foreign minister said. “We will not be able to reverse the climate crisis.” However, she added that one can do everything in one’s power to limit the damage and to make all countries and regions of the world less dependent on fossil energies and thus bring them more security.

Here you find all you want to know about Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2022: https://www.energydialogue.berlin/

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