Burlco NAACP launches police experience survey

“From those conversations, we decided we need to get an accurate gauge about how the community feels about their experiences with police,” Sibley said. “We want all residents to give their true unimpacted feelings about their interactions with police in Burlington County.”

The survey is anonymous to allow people to speak freely, said Sibley. It asks respondents if they or someone they know has “ever been harassed, intimidated, followed or stopped unnecessarily by a Burlington County police officer.”

It also asks questions about police union involvement in the political process, the thin blue line flag, and whether there is interest in police alternatives like response teams for mental health crises. It further asks if respondents favor diverting funds from police budgets to fund such alternatives.

WHYY News has reached out to the Burlington County Police Chiefs Association, Burlington County Police Benevolent Association, and the Burlington County Fraternal Order of Police for comment.

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